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Sunday, February 1, 2009

An order of supreme Thanks, right on target.

Vanya, an xs500 whiz on, has been helping me get to the bottom of our motorcycle troubles. His advice has been right on target, and has helped me through a full tuneup of the bike.

Before we left on this adventure, our stead Bonnie rested at my folks' house in Oregon. She was not forgotten there, but didn't get out very often while I lived in New Orleans and Seattle. During this time her gas tank sat empty and her seat withered up. The seat was rebuilt in Oregon before I went to pick Jen up in Seattle, and since New Orleans, Bonnie has embraced a great seat cover that carries our pillows. Now the gas tank has been cleaned up; the rust that was plugging our lines and stranded us on the side of the road has been cleaned up. We are once again getting ready to carry on.

So thanks to Vanya, and everyone else on



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