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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thanks for the spanks, hu-hum, I mean support.

Our tenacity to attempt a trip that most would call foolhardy is only possible through the wonderful help we receive along the road. Does anyone remember our guardian angel, Mike? A fella down on his economic luck, without a lick of motorcycle knowledge, who stopped to make sure we were okay when we broke down outside of Edinburg, Texas. He helped us throw our bike in the back of his van, a feat we were only able to accomplish with the help of a mini-cooler. Don't ask me how, it's a dream I keep telling myself. 

For others, their help comes in the form of donations for gas, or like Alan Brandon's donation went to an oil change. Leah Weston donated for gas money that got us to Mission, Texas,  and David Kahm, whose name reminds me of an old friend, David Kime, but that could be a coincidence. His donation has helped us purchase some parts for our latest tuneup. 

So thank you everyone believes in us, and supports the limb that we are out on. That means you too, Gulu and Tessa. We love your house in Mission, but promise we are not moving in forever.


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