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Thursday, February 19, 2009

La Huasteca, or Ansel Adams, eat your heart out

Ben and I got exceptionally lost, crossed over La Puente de la Unidad, also known as the Puente Atirantado:

...and then got ourselves to La Huasteca National Park. The majority of these photos are from the back of the motorcycle as we drove through the park. Now we only need to figure out a way to mount a tripod to the motorcycle. Ansel Adams, eat your heart out.

Gaby, our hostess with the mostess, says this is the Mad Scientist's house. She says that her parents' used to tell her this as a little girl, but it turns out that all of her friends' parents used to tell their kids this, too, so it must be true.



nbalike said...
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ga said...

about that bridge, the Wikipedia article doesn't mention it is also controversial because the design is stole from some other bridge in Spain
so, unoriginal and unecessary

bikermom said...

Good to hear you are doing great and traveling again, hope your ride is lighter - we got your box now what should we do with it? Love ya, Mum

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