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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Border Crossing in Mexico

Border crossings are fun!

These guys just give a little tug on the rope, and the pulleys do the rest of the work. A genuine hand pulled ferry crossing into Mexico.

That is how they do it at the Los Ebanos ferry crossing.
Hello Mexico!

Goodbye America!
Jen's new sunglasses. They were given to her by the first person we meet in Mexico.

First things first. We headed off the main route and onto a somewhat less frequently traveled road. These bumps are not so bad.

Flying down the autopista towards Monterrey.

The mountains into Monterrey.

We are getting closer

and they were all shot at 110km/h. Good job Jen.

That's right Mexico.

Monterrey just goes on forever.
We have lots to explore. More to come soon.


brad said...

love the pictures! Keep 'em comin.
long live the flight of the navigator

Leigh said...

I love the excitement of border crossings too. The change is palpable.

Here's what you have to look forward to when you cross between Sixaola, Costa Rica into Panama. The last two pictures on the page tell you everything.

We always crossed this way so we could stop along the Caribbean coast, between Cahuita and Manzanillo. I'd say an area that easily makes it to my Top 5 Places list. said... trip over to Mexico by that ferry...I wanna do it next i need passport on my way back at that ferry checkpoing into the US..cause I haven't gotten around to getting it yet...still ...have my driver's license though..will that work ?

Happy Travels !!!


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