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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

La Lomita Chapel, A Ghost Story

This afternoon Ben and I scooted over to La Lomita Chapel, in Mission, TX where we are currently staying with Gulu and Tessa. La Lomita was originally a Catholic mission en route to Brownsville, and founded on a ranch. All that is left is the little chapel built on the little hill, hence the name, "La Lomita."

We ate a picnic lunch under a shaded picnic area and got eaten by tiny bugs and little, vicious mosquitoes. After that, we headed up to the chapel and wandered around in it. The building is made of slabs of sandstone, and the floor is laid, but loose brick. Ben found two bricks that had obviously been replaced, loosened and picked up in the center aisle of the chapel. Ben being Ben (ok, I would've done it if he hadn't beaten me to it), he picked up the bricks and underneath one of them found this note:

"I have been seeing spirits and angels lately. It's rather odd, but awesome. I came to pray that all the spirits that enter are pure and NOT bad. Amen and thanks."

On the outside of this note, it said "RAO" and had a heart drawn on it. There was another note, about loving God. It wasn't nearly as creepy as this one. I wonder if this person really is seeing spirits and angels... What if whatever they encountering isn't, uh, real? Take that the way you want to. RAO, I hope you are O.K.

Ben also attempted to sneak a pose on me of us standing at the altar holding hands and getting married. I ran away from that photo. That is why it is not on this blog. I could make a Sex and the City reference here, but I won't.

In the back of the chapel was a huge altar to the Virgin of Guadalupe. And outside a shrine to someone, someone I should probably know. Maybe Mary? Maybe Mary Magdalene? I am not totally savvy about this stuff, so you are welcome to leave a comment about who this woman is, because everyone else probably knows.

The last odd thing at this historical site was the oven that looked like a big rock. We can only assume its an oven, because there was no information otherwise about it. During lunch it had looked like a normal, funny rock. The photo Ben took of it is just as creepy as the rock was--see the ants with the big leaves? And the cobwebs?

La Lomita is said to be haunted
by the ghost of a nun, a woman or something else. We didn't see her there, but the place was definitely odd, a little off. It was missing too many informational signs to be informative, but had just enough dust (butt prints on the pews) to make it a tad eerie.

Oh! I fixed all the comment issues! Leave me/us/Ben comments! Kisses, kittens.

P.S. Ben dropped the motorcycle today!!! I had nothing to do with that. On other fronts, it is working the best it has in a long while. We even have blinking turn signals!! Good job, Ben!


mharlow said...

Now this is a great insight to your adventure and makes me want to read more about your travels. I like how much personality came out in your comments and photos.

Ryan O'Vineyards said...

Note: next time something is wrong, drop the motorcycle.

Amanda said...

Hurrah Hurrah! Secret notes are the best kinds of notes.

Mike said...

Wahoo comments! Looks like you had an interesting visit. Hope Ben gets the spark plug issue settled(lean?) Check out some abandoned buildings threads for any you may be passing on your way. Also, what are ya'll eating? I got hungry seeing the breakfast a few back.

arcilia tovar said...

I know I am a bit over five years later in posting here, but I believe the second statue is that of Mary Immaculate in honor of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

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