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Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter in Texas, It's just a stone throw away

Feels good to be on the border. If you get a bad case of cabin fever here in the States, you can just up and jump the river. So that is what Gulu, Tessa, Jen, and I did on Saturday, without the motorcycle.

We visited Nuevo Progreso, a small border town that could be called "the real home of the Winter Texan." They are kind-of like snowbirds, but with big trucks. We on the other hand are just visiting Texans, and come in a smallish package. Nuevo Progreso's main strip is along the road leading up to the bridge that crosses the border. It is full of souvenir shops, bars, shoe shiners, leather stores, and hawkers. But of all the merchants, the dentists maintain a strangle hold on business.



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