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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tres Marias Motorcycle Rally

We headed out on Sunday with our host and fellow motorcyclist Garry and his wife Ivonne for Tres Marias.
Jen, Bonnie and I got a workout just trying to keep up with Garry on his 1000 VStrom:
but we held in and enjoyed the spectacular view:
and then these guys came along.
When we arrived we stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd of high speed bikes.
We did find a big brother 82 xseleven on sale for 40,000 pesos:
The quesadillas with corn fungus didn't have cheese, but were tasty:
The quesadillas with Squash blossoms did:
Of course the usual suspects were there:
What do you think we should trade in for one of these:
and put Jen in one of these:
There were young riders:
and old:
and of course the slowest, but from farthest away.
We have a Taste of Mexico City Contest going on the blog, and a bunch of networking via, which will be landing us some paid travel writing gigs. More travel less work. Yeah!
Benjamin P.S. The parts have arrived. Time to get dirty!


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