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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Twitter Updates


So our computer is nearly dead; I am writing this in long-hand cursive on the tablet. It will probably be a while before the computer is working well again, so full blog posts are going to be rare. :(

I've been trying out new ways to integrate twitter posts into our blog; I am not 100% in love with the current format, so please feel free to give me feedback or suggestions. What I like about twitter is that it's another way/style of writing, different from the more "traditional" storytelling approach of travel blogging. It also appears to function better as a way to interact with readers, like-minded people, travelers and the world. Blog comments seem to me to be a kinda dead way of the past. R.I.P. Comments Section.

So, I recommend, if you aren't already, sign up on Twitter and type in 'follow @jenandtheart'. Then you can write something cute like, '@jenandtheart Love your blog'. We will totally follow you back and diligently read about the sandwich you ate for lunch today. We both love chatting, too. So feel free to chat is up on Twitter, because otherwise we have to make up our own conversations.

Or, if you aren't particularly inclined to Tweet, don't worry, I'll make sure the excitement keeps showing up on the blog. And you can always still comment on the posts if that's what makes you happy.



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