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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I have a question and a psuedo-PSA and a mini-PSA:

Do you have any ideas of how I could better advertise this blog? Specific forums, ideas on advertising, people we could contact? I am a little stumped as to who to reach out to right now.

Ben and I make a pittance via advertisements that are (hopefully) not super intrusive and occasionally from donations from really awesome people (who are probably afraid we would start eating cactus and coyote roadkill if they didn't throw us some money). So the more people who read this occasionally or regularly, the more money we get. 

This is good, because it means that we can do this a bit longer and that we can do more fun things, because everyday we have to decide on whether we want to have one more tank of gas, or if we buy the part that we desperately need so that the motorcycle doesn't explode on us. We are not King Solomon, you know?? 

It also means that we make more friends because then folks are like 'Hey these guys might be cool I should meet them' and then we have more things to write about and everyone wins. Oh, and if you have a really rich uncle who likes sponsoring hardworking crazy kids like us, give us his contact info. 

Also! Please don't forget that if you like us, you should link us! We will link you back! 

And! Please check out our photo albums at: We are very diligent about trying to keep them organized and up-to-date! Not all of the great photos that we have show up in the blog! We also try to keep our latest photos rotating in the slideshow to the left. 

And! We now are posting videos because I became brave over at: If you have a youtube account, you should rate them like one bazillion percent so that other people will see them too, and so that we can maybe one day beat out all the Miley Cyrus videos that show up on youtube.

Ok. That is all. Thank you.  I am working on getting our videos up from Mardi Gras in San Luis Potosi, and once that happens, I will post a blog about it. 



AtlasRider said...

MBI (Motorcycle Bloggers International) is a group that no longer exists, but there is a listing of all the former members here:

So there you have 200+ motorcycle bloggers. It may be time consuming, but if you go through all those people and send out and email asking them to write a post about your journey. If you feel weird asking, don't! That's how these things gain momentum, by reaching out to people.

If you want your readership to grow, provide more ways for them to subscribe. I see that you only offer RSS feeds for subscription. Offer Email Subscription through FeedBurner and make it easy for people to subscribe and keep coming back. I've been blogging for over a year in anticipation for a trip similar to yours that I want to take a year from now. So, you guys are an inspiration.

I added your a link to your blog on my site ( I'll probably write up a short post on you guys too.

And kudos on getting into video. I think YouTube is a great way to get more attention.

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